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7 Colors Of The Year, 2018Featured

Fashion, Lifestyle, Special List

Every year, we promise ourselves for a happy and beautiful life and dressing up, building confidence is one of the steps to stay happy. We have listed down Seven colors of 2018, that will be making their ways to Top magazines and then to your closets. Trends will take two opposed directions: on one side towards a strong, vibrant palette, that recalls fauvist pictures, on the other towards pastel hues on light and restructured garments, for an ethereal look. All nuances going from lavender to pink will be on trend and will take centre stage on feminine and totally chic ensembles.

Party Places Goa
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Top 10 Best Party Places in Goa to Celebrate New YearFeatured


There is no higher way to spend your New Year’s Eve than by spending it in Goa. With your best buddies near to the beautiful beaches of Goa. From college teenagers to couples, when we think of a vacation, we instantly think Best of Party Places Goa. In fact, Goa has become so synonymous with a holiday that everyone will have at least one “Goa Trip” social media group.

Moreover, this New Year’s Eve makes your long-awaited Goa Trip plan finally come true now. Don’t let that dream just be a dream and make it a happening travel plan. So if you think where to head on this festive season in Goa? Then, here are the top 10 Best Party Places Goa to Celebrate New Year

New Year Celebration Eve 2018
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15 Best Indian Places To Celebrate New Year 2018Featured


December the last month of the year and the way to the coming new year 2018, So what is better than the previous month of the year to examine India. A fantastic way to welcome your new year by selecting best destinations to visit and have a great time with your friends, family and better half.

Best winter destination for love couples
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Top 10 winter destination for love couples in IndiaFeatured

Lovebird Tours, Travel

Love can make you lot happier than you’ve ever been, sadder than you’ve ever been, angrier than you’ve been before. It can relate you and furthermore, deflate you almost at the same time. While we can all pretty much recognize the emotions associated with love, actually the words to explain those feelings is a pretty tough order. Love can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats. While there are various non-verbal ways to express your appreciation, but taking your lover on an extended holiday is quite surprising because there you can spend that romantic moment which can never come back to your life.So here are the best 10 winter destinations for love couples which can add more charm to your vacations.

kerala ayurvedic resorts
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Kerala Ayurveda : The new balm for sick soulsFeatured

Activities, Family Tours, Inspiration, Special List, Travel, Unexplored India

Ayurveda in Kerala is an ancient system in India since three thousand years ago. Moreover,  it is proven medicines and reliable methods to improve physical and mental activity with herbal preparations significantly. The World Health Organization recognizes it as an alternative system of medicine. It is the least polluting system in the world since it does not use any harmful material.

Tulip Garden
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Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip GardenFeatured

Trek Lover, Unexplored India, Wanderlust

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden which was earlier Model Floriculture Center and then transformed to form tulip garden in Srinagar city of Jammu & Kashmir in India. Besides this, it is also the largest tulip garden in Asia spread over an area of the total about 30 hectares. This garden resides on the foothills of Zabarwan Range with an overview of famous Dal Lake. This garden was opened for public in 2007 with the aim to boost floriculture and tourism in Kashmir Valley.

Everest trekking
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Top 15 Reasons to plan Himachal Pradesh vacationsFeatured

Activities, Family Tours, Lovebird Tours, Travel, Trek Lover, Unexplored India, Wanderlust

There are several top reasons to plan Himachal Pradesh vacations. It’s spectacular snow-covered peaks, dense pine forests, thundering rivers and zigzag roads, is a gift from nature to Himachal. The numerous hill stations here are forever dressed in a holiday-like environment, while its colonial heritage, a gift from the British India, weaves its unique charm on the people. The spectacular topography of this region provides immense opportunities for engaging in a diverse range of adventurous moments.

Leh Ladakh trip
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Explore Your Holidays on Charming Himalaya’s Trip


The speechless range of Himalayas will defeat any other mountains and hills. Its height looks complex and tough but this place has given shelter to most of the lives. The places surrounded by the Himalayas acquire the same nature and climate. In the same way, the places were lapped with fantastic tourist spots. The tourist from worldwide will desire to visit the Himalayas and its places.

Connect with the travel agency:

Picking out the reputational travel agency is vital since they are the one who is going to take you for so many places with the satisfied way. So try some best travel agencies before risking your money to some other ones. Travel agency are assigned with top-notch tour packages in that some of the notables are given below:

The wonderful appearance of Ladakh:

Usually, almost tour agencies will be listed with some sort of notable places in the Himalayas. But apart from their mentioned places, there are huge places are hidden like Ladakh. Most of the tourist doesn’t even know this place but this is an elegant and fainting spot.

The Leh Ladakh trip will possibly deliver all the things for sightseeing Ladakh tourist spot. Once you entered Ladakh then you feel the divine and spiritual places. Peoples who likely prefer the temple presented region will love the Leh Ladakh trip. This dazzling Ladakh is located in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. There you will see the Gompas which gets placed on the rock, meditational Mani walls, and many more places.

Himachal Pradesh – A Dreamy beauty

Himachal Pradesh is the North Indian state where the great Himalayas are situated. As like its name “Him” means ice in language Hindi both Himalayas and Himachal is covered with full of snow and ice. Travel agency all know that the Himalayas are the pride for India since this place is entailed with snow.

When you decide to go for the holiday trip in this coolest place then travel agency will arrange the supreme Himachal tour. Yes, the travel agency will make you view the adorable presence of the mountains which ranges from 450m to 6500m distance. As Himachal is lapped in the surface of Himalayas you will feel the shiver climatic condition from step by step.

The existence of glaciers in every part of Himachal tour is quite amazing. Some of the pretty places will attract you with its marvellous outlook like extended hills, waterfalls, Himachal wide life region, and lakes are an enthusiastic beauty of Himachal. Then travel agency can even offer the fortified trekking plan for you. Since you are the visitors to this place the travel agency will clearly explain you the various tourist place.

Travel agency also allocates only the tour package for the tourists which will suit to your budget and along the travel agency will allow the complete honeymoon package travel agency this package will be organized on the places near to Himachal like Shimla, Dalhousie, and Manali.

These are the enormous beauty witness of the Himalayas and the travels travel agency won’t charge you more apart from the involved amount since travel agency concentrate on the satisfaction of the tourists.

Skirts Perfectly
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Here is How to Style Your Skirts Perfectly


Only a woman can understand the amount of love a woman has for skirts. Have you ever wondered what makes women fall for the skirt so badly? Well, skirts are elegant and they are feminine to look at. But it’s likely that you are probably sick and tired of wearing a skirt in the same repeated ways that you have been trying out forever. In such a scenario, it will be valuable for you to check out what innovative styles the fashion fraternity has in stock for you. If you’re looking to get inspired to try out your skirts in different appealing ways, then reading the following will help you immensely-

Why not opt for a sleeveless shirt? – Whether you like a pencil skirt or a midi skirt, you can make it look summary by wearing it up with a sleeveless shirt. The reason why a lot of women prefer to wear sleeveless shirts with skirts is that with this ensemble, they not just get an airy feel around the bottom but also the top of the body. Besides, sleeveless shirts offer the wearer oodles of style. And if you want to slay, you can complete your look with a sling bag, a ponytail tied high on the head and a pair of thick-framed sunglasses.

You can always go for a crop top for a chick look – When it comes to summer outfits, you can simply not overlook a crop top. Now, does it need to be told how stylish a crop top look? Perhaps not! And trust us when we say that their beauty grows hundredfold when they are teamed with skirts. Although there is no guideline on which skirts should be tamed with crop tops, you can always choose to wear a denim skirt if the top you have chosen is in a light color like white.

Think tank top! – Tank tops are perfect to be matched with mini-skirts. Tank tops have an uncanny downtown charm that young woman loves immensely. Besides, you can cause serious rubbernecking among people by teaming your mini skirt with a pretty tank top.

Go for a body-hugging top for a sensuous look– There are many different tops with which your skirts look fantastic, but there is something unique about tightly fitted tees. The reason why women love to pair their skirts with tight tees is that the latter has a kind of youthfulness that radiates from them effortlessly. Yes, you heard that right! And that is probably the reason why they are an absolute favorite among teenagers. If you have a chirpy teenage-ish side to your personality, then flaunt it by wearing a tight tee with your skirt.

Try and all-denim look – Are you not being able to find the right match for your denim skirt? Well, why don’t you wear it with the denim shirt that has been sitting in your wardrobe for ages? Are we serious? Absolutely! And all-denim look is quite a rage these days. And woman across ages are falling head over heels in love with this look.

Aren’t these outfit ideas really amazing? Well, yes! So, what makes you wait if? Pick any interesting clothing item from and make a bold fashion statement.

yoga tour packages in Himalaya
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Plan For A Trip To Himalaya And Himachal Pradesh To Have A Good Refreshment


India is renowned for its ancient skill of Ayurveda and yoga all over the universe. The main aim of yoga is to transform the interior body and make it to the unit with mind and soul. The yoga tour packages for the people of Himalayas will refresh their soul and mind and bring best thoughts in the person. The main advantage of yoga tour package is that it offers the opportunity to revitalize your body, soul, and mind while you will also tend to view different places & experience the vibrant culture of Himalaya. Meditation and yoga are not considered as a part-time activity rather they are quite important for one’s life to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. By taking up yoga tour packages in Himalaya, you are sure to experience a healing touch.

Overview Of Himachal Travel

Himachal Pradesh is known as the most charming state in northern India. This tourist destination is wonderfully blessed with the amazing beauty of nature, serenity, lush green surroundings having wildflowers covered, soaring mountains covered with snows, lovely lakes, magnificent landscapes, cascading waterfalls, lovely lakes, beautiful and deep gorges, musical rivers and many other attractions. The Himachal Pradesh is truly decorated with astounding sceneries to offer a heavenly look. Besides from that, the state encompasses of hill stations & attractions which grab the attention of the tourists from various parts of the universe to spend their holiday in Himachal region. The tourist agency also offers comfortable and convenient Himachal tour so that tourists will have a hassle-free journey.

Get Himachal Travel Packages

Himachal Pradesh is known as the jewel of India because it has most astonishing hill stations & attractions which pull tourists towards this place. This destination has been blessed with rejuvenating natural beauty & heart grabbing attractions which will mesmerize your soul & leave you enthralled. The Himachal travel packages provide you wonderful chance to view and explore the beautiful and enticing charm of the state. However, if you like to enjoy your holiday in this favored Himachal hill station then you will be guided by the experienced tour agents. There are customized tour packages to make your trip delightful and happy. You can choose travel package to start your trip to enchanting Himachal Pradesh.

Choose Best Travel Package

By choosing Himachal Pradesh tour, you are sure to see plenty of hill stations like Mandi, Palampur, Kangra, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Kangra Valley and many others. Travel towards Himachal Pradesh at the time of monsoon season seems to add extreme charm and delight. If you are planning to have a trip to any of the desired tourist place like Himalaya then you can select for the best travel package depending upon your budget and requirements. The best tour agency will guide you throughout the tour so that you are ensured to have a comfortable and secure trip which you want for. Arrange for a tour with your family and friends and contact us to get detailed information. You are ensured to get numerous facilities in from packages including transportation, accommodation arrangements, sightseeing and many others.

luxurious Kerala honeymoon packages
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Get Luxurious Honeymoon Packages From The Leading Travel Agency


In the present scenario, there are many honeymoon destinations available throughout the world. But Kerala is the best and perfect choice for the couples. It is the widely attracted destinations for the honeymooners in the present scenario. The honeymoon couples can enjoy the wide range of things at the single place. You can visit Kerala at any time. It is the best place for the ideal temperature. So Kerala is the right place for the newly married coupled where they can convey their love in a pleasant way. This place has many amazing expression and attractions of nature. Hill stations are very most popular place among the people in Kerala.

Are you are planning to get the hassle-free honeymoon packages to Kerala? Well, then you are at the right place. In the present scenario, there are many travel agencies available but choose the best one which suits your needs and requirements. The luxurious Kerala honeymoon packages are preferred by many honeymoon couples. The travel agency offers a peaceful withdraw away from the hassles of the daily routine.

Get luxury honeymoon packages

In the Kerala honeymoon packages, they are five honeymoon options which are very famous among the couples. They are a honeymoon in beaches, backwaters, houseboats, wildlife and in hill stations. So the newly married couples can enjoy their romantic vacation in Kerala by choosing one of the above options which suits. Kerala honeymoon tour will provide more options to enjoy and to get a unique experience. If you want to get the more enjoyment, fun and unique experience of then you can pick the Kerala honeymoon packages from the travel agency at the reasonable price.

The Goa is another best and famous destination for the newly married couples. It is the best to place for the honeymoon to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset on the beach. The Goa is popular tourist place in India. When you planned a trip to Goa then it is essential to get the Goa honeymoon packages. The travel agency company offer cheap goa packages to the valued customers. They offer packages in a more convenient and simple way to the valued customers.

How to choose best travel agency?

In the present scenario, there are many travel agencies available so choose the best one. The travel agency used to provide many facilities to their valued customers to get hassle-free travel. And also they offer the comfortable and convenient tour package so that tourists will have a hassle-free journey.  Below are factors to consider while choosing the best travel agency

  • Highly qualified experts

Choose the travel agencies who have the highly qualified and more knowledgeable experts to care the people while travelling.

  • Reasonable price

The travel agency you choose should provide luxury honeymoon packages to the customers at the reasonable price

  • Quality Accommodation

Travelling consumes a lot of energy. So choose the service company who understand this and make your enthusiasms in a great way

  • More experience

Choose the company who has more experience in this field. So they provide high-quality service to their valued clients

buy women shirts
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Buy Women Shirts – Finding the Right Style!


There is a wide range of shirts for ladies who are the larger size. As of late, more composes and styles have come to be more obvious. Go to any store or buy women shirts and you’ll discover garments for plus size women.


The following are different plans and styles of hefty size women’s shirts that you can discover in such stores, and they are;


A long sleeve shirt that is wearable amid winter, in various styles, from casual to formal. Short Sleeve Shirts for winter and summer also together with the bigger reaches. An extensive variety of free and fitted attire; these are of various materials, cotton, and lightweight. Dress Shirts implied for office climate and for going out amid night. One can discover diverse reaches that are in style these days in all stores.


Cotton shirts are likewise accessible which are exceptionally normal with all seasons. One may choose any style and as a rule; you may discover your very own print on them!


Women’s shirts are wearable with anything, for example, shoes, tennis shoes, boots, and stilettos also. These shirts are versatile and effortlessly decorated with gems, belts or even scarves. Wearing a silk shirt or turtleneck together with a jumper draws out the formal appearance.


One can wear a shirt together with a couple of strappy shoes for an appearance that tends to impersonate an easygoing shirt and skirt appearance. Women’s shirts are magnificent for a blend and match closet style. A jumper’s value ranges from moderate to genuinely costly which is reliant on the brand, style, and texture. With a non-adaptable spending plan, experiment with some nearby creator retail locations. Especially, go and visit the areas that are finished off and furthermore pay special mind to yard deals. Shirts which are more typical with the ladies won’t be elusive.


For a considerable length of time, a women’s shirt has been a form of proclamation. They arrive in a plenitude of shapes, styles, and plans and you can easily buy women shirts online. There’s truly not a cut off to the style of occasion you will go to, or whether you have to wear a uniform shirt for work tomorrow. A shirt can tell somebody what your interests are, what they appreciate doing on their available time, what they appreciate doing with their opportunity. There’s nobody style of shirt that is superior to anything the following, styles of shirts fluctuate with the circumstances despite the fact that there are some great styles that never leave.


How about we explore a current pattern and mainstream lady’s style shirt that is worn today. What was once prevalent in the seventies has now started to be well known again today, the slipover shirt. They enable you to look thin, they radiate a persona of unwinding which most ladies need. There’s very little more rich and modern than a spotless white slipover shirt. You’d be amazed what number of people appreciate the look of a slipover shirt. You should give your bustline a chance to choose which slipover style to purchase, as there are shallow and short slipover styles shirts. In case if someone has a big bust, one can go for neck style shirt.


On the off chance that you are a more youthful lady, look at the great infant doll shirt plan. These are for the most part more tightly fitting shirts that have little sleeves, and tend to utilize extend cotton, and are shorter in configuration to flaunt your midriff line. Due to the plan, child doll shirts should just be worn into a great degree casual environment. Numerous retail establishments will offer Babydoll shirts, and you can even discover them in easygoing stores around the shopping center too. Try not to stall out with an infant doll shirt in the winter or fall a long time as it’s far too chilly to wear.

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Style Your Favourite Crop Tops Like This


Love crop tops? Well, every woman does! And age is not a bar in this case. But just like crop tops make you look gorgeous, they can make you look like a clown, if you have not worn them right.

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Love can make you lot happier than you’ve ever been, sadder than you’ve ever been, angrier than you’ve been before. It can relate you and furthermore, deflate you almost at the same time. While we can all pretty much recognize...