Best National Park in India to see Tigers

The giant paw prints in the thick greenery are silently escorting you somewhere. Your heart is pounding, the silence is making you nervous, and there we are! Suddenly out of nowhere, a big looking creature with quiet but fearsome eyes comes out of the wilds. A firm head, sharp teeth, and long tail, slowly approaching like it was wearing a tawny coat with black stripes on it.

Jaw dropping, isn’t it? A tiger! That is what you invest your time and money to see, but unfortunately, end up being disappointed all the time. How many of you have visited National Parks in India with the hopes of sighting a tiger and have found nothing? Many I suppose.

India monopolizes almost 75 percent of the world’s tiger population so there’s no reason why your hard earned trip should go without seeing one. Here are 5 National Parks in India that guarantee Tiger sighting.


1) Bandhavgarh National Park ( Madhya Pradesh )

This park is located fairly centrally in India got its name from the highest peak in the park, where also the exciting Bandhavgarh Fort is located. This impressive place in the middle of a beautiful tropical forest and steep hills. It is among one of the most impressive Nation parks in India. The main attraction of the park is, of course, the healthy population of the Bengali tigers. The park also enjoys visitors with a very varied and exciting flora and fauna.
Nearest town: Umariya
Best time to travel: October to March, afterward hot but also drier and the chance to see a tiger.

Plan a trip to Bandhavgarh National Park

2) Pench National Park (Madhya Pradesh /Maharashtra )

Best National Park in India to see Tigers

This national park reserve is known as the model for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. The park is also known for another reason: The BBC series ‘Spy in the Jungle’ was filmed here and is considered one of the most demanding documentaries on tigers in the wild. The park (including buffer zone) is about 760 km², and moreover, its name is after the Pench River which passes through.

Closest town with train station: Nagpur

Best travel time: February to June, the temperatures are not pleasant. The cooler is available between October and February.

Plan a trip to Bandhavgarh National Park

3) Tadoba – Andhari Tiger  (Maharashtra)

The largest national park in Maharashtra has the advantage of being open all year round. Its two lakes and water holes attract a variety of animals. In addition to a growing tiger population, the National Park provides habitat for leopards, lobes, gaurs and many other mammals.

Closest town: Chandrapur
Best travel time: October – March

4) Ranthambore National Park ( Rajasthan)

One of the various promising prospects for spotting a tiger is in Rajasthan. The Ranthambore National Park is a name that remains crave in most stories you hear about the Tigers. The amazing thing about Ranthambore is its distance which is very close to the urban area. Despite that, Tigers take it as their very home and are only increasing in numbers. The park is believed to offer Tiger sights in the most natural facet. Experienced trippers around the region give their word that Tigers could easily be in daytime during the season in Ranthambore. The authorities provide special Tiger trail packages and tours to make further your visit comfortable and worthwhile.

Nearest Town: Sawai Madhopur, Nearest City: Jaipur

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Plan a trip to  Ranthambore National Park

5) Kanha National Park ( Madhya Pradesh)

Another national park in Madhya Pradesh where the chance to experience a tiger in the wild is comparatively high! The Kanha National Park is the largest and most beautiful national park in India with 940 km². In the park, there is a forest with open savannah vegetation. Logically, the relatively open grassland offers great opportunities for tiger pointers. In addition to the big cats, the Kanha NP is famous for its large gaur herds (wild cattle).

Nearest town: Mandla
Best travel time: November – March

So finally, our article on “ 5 Best National Park in India to see Tigers ” ends hereHope it will help you to explore further far enough and will allow you this season to explore best of wildlife tourism in India.

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