I don’t know about you peeps, barring for me, something is exciting about a new year of adventures… the endless circumstances of where I sway end up, who I’ll meet along the way and what will come of different age globetrotting. Yesterday while having my evening tea I’ve put together a complete list of MOST BREATHTAKING PLACES TO VISIT IN EUROPE that will catch your breath apart Europe. These are the “bucket listing” cities and towns, the “formerly in a lifetime” experiences and for sure, they’re all honeymoon established. So here they are the usual breathtaking spots to attend in Europe!

1. Positano, Italy


We’ll start with a generous selection and a point I have been harping on nearly since the prime time I laid eyes on it; Positano, a coastal town on the idyllic Amalfi Coast in Italy. Positano is snuggled in the cliffside of the jaw-dropping Amalfi coast, far plenty endlessly that you’ll find it an endeavor to reach but close enough to make the area a whole trip in itself. Enclosing Positano, you have the Isle of Capri, nearby Sorrento (which I’d also highly recommend), Ravello and Amalfi itself. Apiece of these towns deserves a few days consciousness, but satisfy it to say Positano is the one that will catch your heart hook, line, and sinker.


2. Bruges, Belgium


It’s no secret that I adore Belgium and still believes it is one of the most underrated, neglected countries to visit in Western Europe. Before traveling to Belgium for the first time, I was informed it would be “boring,” “expensive” and “not worth my while.” Wrong, wrong, wrong again. Belgium is full of lovely little charming cities/towns, and that is most evident in the city of Bruges.

3. Lake Como, Italy


If it is reliable enough for Clooney, it has sure got my interest. Lake Como in the Northern lakes province of Italy feels like a world away from reality. Small towns, ferry transport, impressive villas and unimaginable provincial cuisine are just the commencement. If ever you feel like you just want to “get away from it all,” here is your possibility to pass the days lakeside, surrounded by colorful blooms and even more colorful locals.


4. Bosnia & Herzegovina

As a combination, the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina is usually underestimated. While many travelers pass by to visit Mostar on a day journey from nearby Dubrovnik (in Croatia), I can say with untarnished certainty that this country justifies much more than a day trip. A few years ago I consumed a week with a local family in Blagaj, a small town outside of Mostar. Admittedly, it was Mostar that first incurred my attention, but after road tripping around the small country in the Balkan Peninsula, I realized that the beauty lies far beyond the scenery. The hospitality, food, culture, and overload of friendship are what made this country so worth visiting. Do yourself a favor and stay a while.

5. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov takes center stage as the Czech Republic’s most charming town and certainly one of Europe’s all-time most loved small-town destinations. In the summertime, this little city, a short bus ride from Prague, is bursting with travelers from all corners of the globe. Still, the story is much different in winter when the crowds are long gone, snow often lands on the town and creates a mysterious winter getaway. Despite the season, this city is so charming that it will without a doubt take your breath away.

6. The Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds stayed on my bucket list for so long-drawn that when I got there, I felt like I knew the spots previously. The field itself is in rural England and named after the combination of small towns and estates, built mostly with unique local yellow limestone. The city is notably experienced over a week of road tripping from town to town throughout the season, so be sure to plan on lingering a while!


7. Oulanka National Park, Finland

Years ago I had the delight of visiting Finland, which had long been on my radar thanks to motivation from the Chronicles of Narnia and my perpetual desire to find a place so mysterious in real life. I spotted just that in Oulanka National Park in the preceding winter, covered in a layer of snow and slippery ice (I learned the hard way!). If you are more of an outdoors traveler and seeming to go off the grid, Lapland is the complete setting to do so and an excellent introduction to common Finnish culture when you begin to venture more North.


8. Colmar, France

When you consider of picture-perfect towns in Europe, Colmar is frequently one of the earliest to come to mind. Located on the Eastern edge of France to Germany, Colmar has a unique blend of Franco-German architecture, culture, and culinary delights. While here be assured to pick a bike and hit the free road – you will discover you have endless vineyards and bike trails at your disposal.

9. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


As far as fairytales go, visiting the one and only “Disney castle” in real life is about as fantastically pinch-yourself as moments come. Europe is full of wonderfully restored castles, and many of these can be listed in Germany. Review out these fairytale castles to visit in Germany if you’re looking to tick a handful off your bucket list!


10. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is by far one of my all-time favorite cities in Europe and has been for the past five years of periodical visits. Although relatively “discovered” nowadays (thanks to a massive influx of expats and tourism boost), I still consider Budapest is moderately underrated. This city has it all – a captivating history, incredible construction to rival the likes of Paris, stunning stately interiors and some of the friendliest locals you will find in a metropolis city. Believe me when I say this town will steal your heart.

11. Road Trip in Ireland

Beginning from Dublin, I made my way to the West Coast of Ireland by rental car on my first ever visit the country and have not stopped singing its’ praises ever since. Ireland is everything you presumed it would be – green, rainy, full of attractive locals (who, yes, love the pub!) and so complete more. One of the best stuff I have ever done is take a solo road trip to Ireland and serve it to assume it was one of the most jaw-dropping places I have seen in Europe, particularly when entering the wild, rugged West Coast.

12. The Algarve, Portugal

I don’t think I ever made it a secret that Portugal’s Algarve is one of my favorite “vacation” stops in Europe. Somehow the South of Portugal has grasped all of its charms in the past couple of decades of globalization and notwithstanding being a hot spot for tourists. It still has a steady influx of Portuguese holidaymakers that make it feels like a more genuine coastal getaway (as opposed to say, the likes of Ibiza?). So if you find yourself agreeing for a summer vacay in Europe, I would highly recommend Portugal and its prize possession: The Algarve.




After visiting Annecy with my family last year, we all became convinced that there is maybe no another city or town in Europe quite as pleasant, picturesque and breath-taking. This capital is full of charm at each turn and to put the icing on the cake, is encircled by water and water ventures each which way you look (hello peddle boating!)

14. Brasov, Romania

If you’re a confectionary (like me) for the “off-the-beaten-path” description of a place, you will fall head over heels for this small city in the center of Transylvania, Romania. The town of Brasov is one of my must-visit places in Romania thanks to its proximity to the charming villages and castles nearby, all giving first-timers to Romania an insight into just how beautiful this country is.

15. Scottish Highlands


There’s one voyage I would love to live over and over again, and that’s my abbreviated time in the Scottish Highlands. For some judgment (unbeknownst to me), I am plagued with the perception of Scotland. The traditions, exciting food, and endless history instantly had me wrapped up in a time warp. Plus, you prison ride on the Hogwarts Express. YES, You read correctly. The real Hogwarts Express.

16. St. Petersburg, Russia

Everyone knows I’m preoccupied with St Petersburg (or at least, everyone who has been viewing World of Wanderlust for any decent value of time). Following my fascination with Russian History, I booked a trip to Russia to see everything I inquired first ability. I’ve got to assume The Hermitage Museum is hands-down the most impressive building I have ever stepped in it, let solely the myriad of collections that line the interminable hallways (you could spend weeks in that position and still not see it all.


17. Lake Bled, Slovenia


I learned about Lake Bled for years before ever thinking I would visit. It has often acted determined as the natural romantic lake in Europe, and to that, I would have to admit – picturesque, quiet, serene. If you find yourself traveling with a loved one through central Europe, Lake Bled is a must visit.


So, Europe is the place where heaven falls it is the beautiful place for vacations. The sites in Europe transform its inner and outer beauty, you can enjoy the sideshows, beaches, waterfalls, shopping, food of Europe and much more. If you are searching for the better option for spending your vacations, then stop your search here at Acchajee Travel. We have the best offers for you peeps.

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Prachi Author
If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader.The crucial element is getting off your butt and doing something. It is as simple as that, a lot of people have an idea, but few decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.
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