The Buddhism Pilgrimage

In India, it is believed that a truly spiritual person is the highest of all human beings and likewise, a genuinely religious country is the highest of all countries. Therefore, Buddhism has all the characteristics that are needed to evoke an internal search for truth and believes that every human being can be Buddha since it acquires so much knowledge that he had.Buddhism in India has its origins in the period of the birth of Gautama Buddha or Shakyamuni 2,500 years ago.


Buddhism gained fame after Budha acquired illustration in about 531 BC, after which he gave sermons everywhere in India. The rapid development of Buddhism did not cease to increase even after his death in 486 BC.
According to historians, when he died, he had already taught most of his teachings covering what came to be known as the three most important vehicles or circles of Buddhist teaching that are Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. Each of these became famous during different eras in the history of Buddhism in India.

The Buddhism Pilgrimage

Buddhism is one of the oldest and most philosophical traditions of India. Buddha means the enlightened, someone who has awakened from the dream of ignorance and who sees things as they are. Buddhism is the teaching of Buddha and the experimenting and putting into practice of these. Buddha has 84 readings which along with its internal reach constitutes Buddhism.

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The places related to the life of Budha are:

Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage :Lumbini

Lumbini : The Buddhism Pilgrimage

Lumbini Is in the kingdom of Nepal in the Himalayas. It is the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha Gautama who later became Buddha. Queen Maya Devi, who belonged to the Sakya family, was on her way to her mother’s house when she gave birth to the prince under a tree.

Places of interest

Ashoka Pillar, Temple of Maya Devi, the cistern where the prince is said to be bathed, the sacred garden, a library and a research center.

Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage : Kapilavastu

 Kapilavastu : The Buddhism Pilgrimage

Here was the palace of Siddhartha, King Suddhodhana.

Places of interest

The remnants of the village and the monasteries, the Stupa where the statues of Buddha were discovered.

Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage :Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya : The Buddhism Pilgrimage

Here Siddhartha Gautama converted Buddha by sitting in meditation on the diamond chair under the tree called the Bodhi tree (Ficus Religiosa).

Places of interest

Bodhi tree, Mahabodhi Temple, Temples of the Buddhist countries, the cave in the Dungasiri mountains where the ascetic monk made severe austerities, the Uruvela village where the young Sujata offered rice cooked in milk to the monk Gautama to put an end to his austerity period, and Finally, the Mahabodhi Temple at Gaya Wedding

Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage :Sarnath

Sarnath : The Buddhism Pilgrimage

It was at the Deer Park in Sarnath where Buddha gave his first speeches on the MiddleWay, The Four Noble Truths, and the Eightfold Path, To his five students who became the first monks of the order.

Places of interest

Deer Park, Dhamekh Stupa, the famous Teaching Buddha Statue (the statue of Buddha giving sermons) which belongs to the fifth century BC, Ashoka Pillar (the Ashoka column), Lion Capital, remnants of the monasteries of the third century A, An archaeological museum.

Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage : Varanasi

Varanasi : The Buddhism Pilgrimage


Also known as the city of lights, it is one of the main places for pilgrims who come to bathe in the ghats on the banks of the Ganges.

Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage :Rajgir

Rajgir : The Buddhism Pilgrimage

The capital of Magadha during the time of Buddha, here King Bimbisara who belonged to the Maurya dynasty was converted to Buddhism. Budha loved the wonderful Gridhakuta (Vulture Peak or the summit of vultures) to meditate in the setting sun.

Places of interest

Gridhakuta Hill, Venuvana which is a bamboo grove that King Bimbisara had given to Budha. The first Buddhist monastery, Satadhara (seven hot springs) where Budha is believed to have come to cure his arthritis pain, Jivaka mango grove (Jivaka was the doctor of Budha), and the prison where King Bimbisara was jailed.


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Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage :Sravasti

Sravasti : The Buddhism Pilgrimage

Sravasti was the old capital of the Koshala kingdom where Budha took refuge for 24 nights of rain, taught meditation on breath awareness and turned the dangerous killer named Angulimala. The quiet park Jetavana was given to Budha by the merchant Anathapindika who in turn had bought it by covering the ground with gold coins.

Best of Buddhism Pilgrimage :Nalanda

Nalanda : The Buddhism Pilgrimage

The monastic university of Nalanda was the main center of the teaching of metaphysics, logic, medicine, grammar, and Buddhism between the fifth and twelfth centuries BC. The Chinese chronicler Hiuen Tsang spent many years here as a student and teacher.

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So finally our article on Buddhism: Best of Buddhist Pilgrimage ends hereHope it will help you to explore far enough and in the planning of next vacations to the Himalayas.

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