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Best Ways to Style a Button Down Shirt


A button down shirt is a favourite piece of clothing for most women. If you had to choose only one top for the rest of your life, then the button down shirt would probably be your obvious choice. The choice is simple as these shirts are so versatile that they can be worn in so many different ways to create a completely different look each time. You can wear it as a going out top, an office blouse, a beach cover-up, and surprisingly, even a makeshift Halloween costume. They are anything but boring if you know how to style them appropriately.

Button down shirts are also quite cheap, so you can buy women shirts easily and increase your collection. Each shirt will give you a different look every time. Here are a few examples of how to style a simple button down to look fashionable for any kind of occasion.

Crop top

You button down shirt can be perfect for you boardroom meeting when you have it tucked in and buttoned up. But once you unbutton it and tie up the ends, you are ready for a night out. If you have evening plans after you complete your office work, then this is the best outfit choice for you. Your button down can easily transition from a day look to a night look in a matter of seconds.


Wearing oversized shirts has become a trend nowadays. You can style an oversized shirt in so many different ways to look like a fashion diva. But when wearing an oversized shirt, you need to focus on proper accessories that will go with the attire. Your simple shirt will look much more glam if you throw in a pair of funky sunglasses, a handbag, or statement shoes just to add a little pop of colour.


When the seasons change, we tend to fix on certain clothes that are appropriate for the season. But we forget that we can easily repurpose our summer dresses layering them properly. You can turn your slip dress into office wear just by layering a button-down shirt underneath it. It is also perfect for the cold weather.

Off shoulder

Your boring button down can be turned into a fun top which is appropriate as evening wear by just undoing a few of the top buttons and letting it slide off one of your shoulders. You can also do a half tuck into the pair of jeans that you are wearing, and you are set for a fun night out.


Your Oxford shirt is a perfect match for a pantsuit. Just match the shirt with a perfect set, and you will have a modern and crisp look. This attire is best suited for conservative environments and your workplace.

You can get creative and come up with so many more ways in which you can style a button down shirt. You can wear a waist belt with an oversized shirt or keep it casual by wearing it as a coat over your t-shirt and shorts. Your imagination is your limit.

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Some Amazing Tops Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe


When it comes to women’s fashion, there is a lot that you can find to wear. Every day a new trend catches a wave, and all the fusionist as try to flaunt the latest fashion. When it comes to women’s tops, you find a lot of variety. Have you ever thought how many types of top do you own? You can choose tops on the basis of your body type and features. When you choose the right type of top, it accentuates your look and gives you confidence.

Here’s a look at some latest tops online that you can choose from:

  • The Empire Top

The empire tops are one of the most favorite tops of girls. These tops give an illusion of the hourglass figure. It is good at covering the bulge around the waist so even plus size women can wear it with full confidence.

  • The Peplum Top

This is a new kind of top which has emerged on the surface for the last few years. The peplum top has flares around the stomach which helps in concealing the bulge. These tops are great options for girls with apple and pear-shaped body as it can make them look hourglass. You can wear the peplum top on a date or for a casual hang out with friends.

  • The Tunic Top

The tunics are loved by women of all ages whether college going young girls or ladies. Tunics are loose fitting tops, which complement every body type, which gives it versatility. Tunics fall free on the hip and have a cut which resembles the Indian Kurti. The tunics can be worn as formal and casual wear on the basis of the fabric they are made of. While georgette tunics are worn on formal occasions, the cotton or viscose tunics are best for casual occasions.

  • The Ruffled Top

The ruffled tops are classic tops which have ruffles on both arms and front. Some designers have begun to experiment, and ruffles are being used extensively on various parts of the top which does not look bad at all. Ruffles look very elegant even on a casual top. The ruffles fashion is here to stay for long so you can invest in a nice ruffle top or two.

  • The Off-shoulder Top

Just like the ruffled tops, the off-shoulder tops have become a rage. They are a current favorite of girls and women who love to flaunt the latest fashion. There are several ways you can pair up an off-shoulder top. You can wear it with jeans, shorts, or a floral skirt.

  • Blouses

Women of all ages wear blouses, but women in 30s and 40s prefer them the most as they wish to dress comfortably and blouses offer them comfort. It is one of the most feminine tops and can be worn with jeans as well as trousers.

  • Crop Tops

The crop tops are an ‘in’ thing and very versatile. You can pair them with jeans, palazzos, and skirts.

These are some of the latest fashion tops that every woman must have in their wardrobe.

How to Select a Kurti for a Particular Event and their Types
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How to Select a Kurti for a Particular Event and their Types?


A Kurti is a versatile piece of clothing that can be made in order to adapt to any season or occasion. In summer days, cotton Kurtis is wearing to feel comfortable. In the other way, woolen Kurtis are worn winter days.

Kurtis with Different Occasions

Office wear:  If you are going to work then choose very formal Kurti attire to avoid looking too casual. You can choose the simple Kurtis such as straight line Kurti, A-shape Kurti. These types of Kurti are easy to carry. They easily wore with leggings, jeans, and salwar.


Traveling:  When you going out for traveling and you still want to look beautiful and feel comfortable. Then you pick the short length Kurti or go for a loose straight Kurti which is easily wore with the jeans and as well as leggings. And you feel very comfortable in it.

Traditional gathering: When you are going in the pooja and wedding then you can choose the Anarkali Kurtis. These types of Kurtis are very best. Anarkali Kurtis wore with the leggings. And you can also choose the printed Kurtis which are worn with skirts and palazzo. It is very comfortable to wear.

Some of the Famous Types of Kurtis Exist

A shape Kurti: These types of Kurtis are easily available in the market. In present days most of the women prefer a shape Kurti. These types of Kurtis are easily worn with jeans and leggings. Girls whose are going in colleges they prefer a shape Kurtis because they are very simple and easy to wear. When they wear this type of Kurti they feel very comfortable.


Printed Kurtis: In these days these types of Kurtis are in the craze. In printed Kurtis various types of prints available. Most of the girls prefer printed Kurtis. Because these types of Kurtis are wore with the jeans and the palazzo. Most of the women whose are going to working in the office they can also prefer the printed Kurtis. Because when you wear this type of Kurti then you look very nice.

Pakistani Kurti: In summers most of the women prefer the Pakistani Kurtis because these types of Kurtis are long and loose fitted. Pakistani Kurtis easily wore with leggings and jeans.

Kurtis with jackets: In these days these types of Kurtis are in trend.  Most of the women like this Kurtis because you can wear these Kurti along with jackets of different colors. When you wear these Kurti then you look very extremely fashionable. You can wear this Kurtis in parties, trip and offices wear.

Get Kurtis online

When you are going in the market to purchase a Kurti then they provide the limited number of color, limited designs in it. In the other way ladies Kurtis online shopping is the best option because they provide different styles such as A-shape Kurti, printed Kurti and Pakistani Kurti etc. They provide many colors, many designs in their Kurtis. Online websites provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price with the facility of the Online Home delivery.

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Hold a Look of Fashion as well as Ethnicity at the Same Time with Salwar Suits


The salwar kameez began in the northern piece of India and is additionally associated with as the Punjabi suit. The ongoing day Designer Cultural Clothes have seen a great deal of progress from its spring days as the old time frame, which was significantly influenced by Mughals. Indeed, even behind so often, the gear is allowed to have a major nearness over the Indian subcontinent. It has picked up acknowledgment over Asia from course to Southland and west to east. In urban areas or provincial regions, the salwar suit is seen all through. When contrasted with other ethnic wears, a salwar suit is the most favored sort of dress worn by Indian ladies. These are the most adaptable pieces that significantly worn by the ladies of the Northern region of India.

Glory of Indian Ethnic Salwar Suit all Over the World

The best part with them is that they can be worn at different events easily. One can investigate diverse kinds of suits that can make them stand separated from that swarm which is as yet following a similar old pattern. This outfit has picked up notoriety all inclusive inferable from its solace when contrasted with the other ethnic wears. Indian dress, particularly a women salwar suit, has an immense effect everywhere throughout the world. Hollywood big names like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez have displayed an alternate look by decorating salwar suits. Wear on a women salwar suit and you are certain to transmit a brilliance of womanhood and elegance.

salwar suits

Get the Accumulations of Buying a Salwar Suit Online

Wearing salwar kameez really offers you to be snappy while remaining at your very own usual range of familiarity. Ladies Salwar Suits Online Shopping propensity can purchase online salwar suits and get them conveyed appropriately at their doorstep. What else one needs while having such a large number of alternatives to embrace the most recent? The lovely choices of ethnic dress can be chosen on the web, and it will achieve your hand through fast conveyance forms crosswise over numerous nations of the globe. Experience the most up to date form fashioner accumulations of Online Shopping! Punjabi suit ideas have an exceptionally selective look persuaded by the neighborhood appearance of Punjab. Frequently, they accompany complex Phulkari weaving and lovely bloom printed styles in brilliant and wonderful shades.

Wearing Stylish Designer Printed Suites make you Feel Better

The final tip to note while purchasing a stunning suit is the print. Since the time has come when you can avoid unobtrusive to disclose your peculiar in vogue style, so go for striking alluring prints to make heads pivot. Prints like realistic, ikat, flower and chevron are very entrancing and stunning to wear at any event or capacity. Make a point to pick the example and shade contingent upon the intermittent vibes and your own style to stand separated and just captivating. Salwar suits are the point of fact among the best outfits in the market. They are exquisite, agreeable, novel, adaptable, and can be worn with various kinds of pieces of clothing. In any case, assessing the above patterns won’t just make it simple to purchase salwar suits on the web yet ensure the wearer of true serenity.

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Buy T-Shirts for Men Online Here At Affordable Price


Buy men’s t-shirts online that will offer a variety of custom and in addition, the planner made tees for all ages and sexes. Be that as it may, finding the best and most rumored sources isn’t a simple activity. In this way, we are giving the main 5 sites to purchasing the ideal quality shirts on the web. From the recorded destinations, you will discover a wide range of tees and related clothing at the best price.

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Online Shopping For Women Salwar Suits with Latest Variety and Collections


Salwar suits are exceptionally famous among Indian ladies, and it is ideal for their ID. The Salwar Suits enable you to carry on with your life in style, class, and uniqueness with no issues of wrapping any curtains around you. That is the reason they are exceptionally well known over Sarees.