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ladies mini dresses online


1. The first thing that you need to remember is that when you do find out your body type, know that it is not your body shape. Every shape can be broadly categorised into body types but these categories are not air tight. Even if your body type tells you that you won’t look good in a mini, it might be that your body shape will perfectly complement one. So, if you really like a dress, go for it. Do not back out just because assumptions about your body type suggest so.


2. You will also have to keep the length of the dress when you buy one. You can go for mini dresses for girls & women but what will be the length of your dress? Will it be just scrapping your knee or should it expose a little bit of your thigh too? Which one will help you to create just the balance that you are looking for without making you look distasteful and vulgar? So know the length that you want first and then select a dress for you. It is not always true that the ones with long legs look good in short dresses. A lot depends on the shape of your leg too and hence go for the length of your choice.

3. When you buy a dress, you have to make sure that you have the right accessories to go along with it. When it comes to floral dresses for the summer, it is best to keep it as casual as possible. Stick to trinkets like pendants and earrings and when it comes to solid colour dresses you can try out heavy accessories. But in general, barring a maxi dress, it is ideal to keep your accessories to the minimum.


4. No dress can ever work out properly without the right shoe, especially if it is a mini dress. Stilettos look really nice with minis but go for the dainty ones and not the gaudy on the face ones. You can go for wedges or boots when it comes to midis and floral dresses.


5. And last but not the least when you buy the dress make sure that you pick a colour that complements you. Just because everyone suggests that you will look good in black, do not forget to try out a few reds. Choose the colour based on the one that suits your skin tone.


Keep these short but very helpful pointers in mind if you are looking for the right dress for yourself.Happy shopping!


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ladies maxi dresses online


1. A lot will depend on the type of figure that you have. If you are peer shaped with a heavy bottom then you can go for maxi dresses that have a tight bust area and then flows down from there. If you want to stylize your maxi dress on your own, then you can add a belt too at the right place so that it suits your figure.

2. When it comes to selecting the color, or print of the maxi dress keep in mind that maxi dresses are mainly meant for informal occasions. So, if you want to show off your shoulders a little you can go with printed noodle strap maxi dresses. If you like solid colors you can go for one solid color too. But if you do go for a single color then keep in mind that you will have to add colorful accessories along with it to make the attire a striking one.






3. Another very important thing to consider when it comes to maxi dresses is the shoes. Well to be very honest, shoes aren’t exactly the highlighting point of maxi dresses and hence you do not have to go for really fancy ones. Let the context determine what type of shoe you will be wearing. If you are heading out to the beach in your maxi, go for flats, if going somewhere a bit formal than that you can club up your dress with stilettos as well. Any kind of shoe works well with maxi dresses.


4. When looking for maxi dresses for girls & women also, consider buying a shrug or a jacket along with it. Waist coat jackets and lacy shrugs really work well when it comes to maxi dresses. They make the perfect accessory if you are heading out in an off shoulder or noodle strap maxi dress in the evening. When you buy the shrugs just make sure that the length is not too long.

5. You can opt for maxi dresses that look like a top paired with a maxi skirt. This helps in adding a refreshing look to your entire getup. Team it up with the right accessories and pay attention to styling your head. With just the right pair of shoes, you are all set to rock the look.



These are 5 very easy hacks that you need to keep in mind if you want to style your maxi dress right.

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Best tips for in this summer to styling up your tees

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1. Cowl neck t-shirts are a huge hit these days. Get the printed or in solid colors but they add just the oomph that you need to your upper body. This is especially good for those with a petite body type, whereas the ones with a heavy bust should typically avoid this.

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