Status on the crumbling ramparts of what was once the most formidable and impregnable of the Portuguese forts in IndiaFort Aguada Goa ,one looks out at a wide ranging ocean vista, witnessing the meeting of the Mandovi River plus the Arabian Sea, over which the fortress has saved watch for greater than four hundred years.That is so majestic a sight that it is straightforward to photo a Portuguese galleon or carrack at the horizon, on the remaining leg of its hard voyage from ways off Portugal across the Cape of appropriate desired, subsequently able to make secure harbor and top off its components.

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Well! Fort Aguada is welcoming all days of the week from 9.30am to 6 pm.

This castle is located at the Aguada-Siolim avenue in Sinquerim (Candolim, Goa). There are options to attain the hilltop fortress. Motors use the four km distant road from Sinquerim beach. The other is a shorter 2 km foot path. However, it ought to be remarked that it is a steep climb.


The Aguada castle is a monument to Portuguese creation and engineering. Despite the fact that elements of it have fallen to the ravages of time, a whole lot of it is intact, and it remains the great preserved Portuguese fortress in India today. Created over three years from 1609 to 1612, it once defended the Portuguese stronghold against Dutch and Maratha invaders.

It is named for the clean water spring that offers the castle a steady delivery of potable water, ‘agua’ being the Portuguese word for water and ‘Aguada’ implying an area in which water is consolidated. So nicely built and fiercely armed changed into this fortress that it has by no means fallen into enemy palms.


Fort Aguada Goa is a normal example of Portuguese army architecture. Constructed of sustainable laterite stone, so effortlessly to be had throughout Goa, its great bulwarks which stand fully five meters excessive and 1.3 meters thick, have stood the check of time, lashed as they may be using fierce monsoon storms and winds. The Citadel covers the whole lot of the peninsula and is constructed the use of the herbal terrain to make it greater difficult for its walls to be breached.

similarly to a considerable cistern in which over 2,000,000 gallons of water can be stored, the castle additionally contained a powerful fort, mystery passageways and the capacity for up to 200 canons.


Aguada Lighthouse
The Aguada fort also numbers amongst its splendors a four storeyed lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1864 and is the oldest of its type in Asia. It once used oil lamps to emit a beacon of mild as soon as each seven minutes, which become later upgraded to emit mild each 30 seconds.

Despite the fact that this lighthouse fell into disuse in 1976 and is most usually closed to the general public, there is a brand new lighthouse constructed in the direction of the brink of the cliff, known as the Aguada Lighthouse and DGPS. you may, for a small price, climb the stairs of the lighthouse and enjoy the view of the regions surrounding the fort. Images and videography are allowed.

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Aguada jail
Part of the castle has  been converted into the Aguada prison, which especially houses the ones accused of narcotics, sale of drugs and trafficking. This is one among the largest jails in Goa, and considering that it is the very good deal in use, is closed to individuals of the general public.

The fortress these days


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The hilltop fort, though most use a fraction of the authentic region of the fortress is a favorite traveler spot, mainly to watch the sun set. To reach the hilltop castle, there’s a winding 4 km street that heads east from Sinquerim seaside. Alternatively, there’s steep 2 km strolling the direction that starts just near the Marbella guest house. Some, but, choose rather to walk out to the ocean degree Citadel partitions, along with the street past the Taj lodge.

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No, go to to the citadel is entire with out a go to to the Church of St. Lawrence, purchaser saint of sailors. Built just at the outskirts of the fortress, this was one of the procedures used by the Portuguese to prevent their bastions from being fired upon at near variety.

The Taj Aguada motel now stands within the fortress partitions. A high priced motel on 88 square km of beachfront belongings, it has been host to many Bollywood film shoots, which make it immediately recognizable.

So finally our article on Fort Aguada Goa ends hereHope it will help you to explore far enough and in the planning of next Goa holidays.

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