Khajuraho Group Monuments

Khajuraho Group Monuments and the whole of the temples of Khajuraho is a unique gift from India to the world meaning a hymn of joy to life captured in stone in all its forms and moods testing the extraordinary craftsmanship and vision of the Candela Rajputs. To date, the temples of Khajuraho are one of the artistic wonders of the world.

Visit temples of  love and dance

Khajuraho Group Monuments

The temples of Khajuraho -The biggest tourist attraction in India.Some things in the world are incomparable, and certain things inspire human feelings to give way to their spiritual and physical love. The erotic images of Khajuraho express these inner feelings of a person. Each facade, wall, window, column, and roof of Khajuraho are carved with figures of mythological and historical origin, while many of these show an original form of love. Forgotten and abandoned until the middle of the sixties, today Khajuraho is the main attraction of India after the Taj Mahal in Agra.

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The beauty of the temples

Khajuraho Group Monuments

The Temples of Khajuraho are a mystery to art historians. The irony is that despite being places of pilgrimage have erotic sculptures. No other monument has the same architectural harmony beauty as these. The quiet city of Khajuraho has the best temples and Glorious forms the main attraction of the state.These temples were renovated and now attract visitors from all over the world. The sculptures include statues of Gods, warriors, celestial dancers, and beasts.

Art with an Object

Khajuraho Group Monuments

Use of sensitivity in a person’s work is an excellent way to improve the quality of the pens or the quality of the literature that is more popular than all of them. That is an example of the “art” of the word “sap” in the English language “sap” that is being used from a long time ago as an anti-feminist in the ancient history of art and architecture as well as artisans and spirituals. The question is whether it is a person or an employee of an independent agency, who is be involved in the development of personal and business interests, and that he is a full-fledged person. El Arte erótico utilized as a sensual come for spiritual to make love is the divine right to reach this objective.It is the expression of one of our most intense physical and sentimental feelings, and physical love is a natural way to acquire religious knowledge. This attitude is not unique to India, of course. The Christian marriage service speaks of it when the bridegroom says to the bride “I pray with my body.”

The Panna National Park

Panna National Park : Khajuraho Group Monuments

Panna National Park, only 30 minutes from Khajuraho is great. Deep canyons, tranquil valleys, and thick jungles of teak along with various flora and fauna visit the park memorable. Currently, the forest hosts a variety of wildlife species such as the leopard, wolf, and gharial (Indian crocodile).

The Dhubela Museum

An ancient fort located 57 kilometers on the road from Jhansi to Khajuraho has a collection of rare artifacts and represents the heritage of Bundelkhand. This museum also has a range of Shakti cult sculptures and other sections of clothing, weapons, and paintings.

The waterfall of the Pandavas (the five brothers)

Pandavas waterfall : Khajuraho Group Monuments


To 30 kilometers of Khajuraho is the waterfall of the Pandavas (Pandava waterfall) in the Ken river. According to the myth, the Pandavas brothers spent much of their exile in this place. Another waterfall called the Ranch is 25 kilometers from Pandava waterfall.

The Khajuraho Dance Festival

 Khajuraho Group Monuments

Khajuraho Dance Festival takes place during the spring in the city of Khajuraho to celebrate the glory of the temples. It is said that classical dance has its basis in Hindu temples and from there reaches maturity. It is a cultural festival to celebrate Indian arts-dance and music that pass from one generation to another. The Khajuraho Dance Festival presents the best dancers and classical dances in the country.
The idea of the festival is to introduce the cultural heritage of Khajuraho to the present society and to preserve it for the next generation. During the festival, many well-known artists and artisans participate in workshops and seminars and offer their art to visitors and numerous tourists. And during this seven-day festival, an al fresco market is established where visitors have the opportunity to buy all the items made in Khajuraho. This festival is famous not only in India but also throughout.

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