Why should you visit Malana ?

Choose a mystique fantasy instead of an unrealistic sight moreover trust your intimate vibe, frequency, and your inner secret artist. The energy you still strive has always been yours’s the mountains, the storm, the butterfly, the entire cosmos and this ancient village Malana to the north-east of Kullu Valley will let you explore this amazing, incredible feeling.

Far enough to escape from finicky world

This hidden village in the Malana Nala, a side valley of the Parvati Valley, is isolated from the rest of the world. At the height of 9,938 feets beyond sea level lies the village of Malana also acknowledged as the community of Taboos. This village in the land of Himachal Pradesh is a magical green rimmed village that views the Deotiba and Chandrakhani Peaks. Malana village is not well connected to the District headquarters Kulu, but still, you reach here through three mountain passes, and the easiest way to reach Malana is from Jari by hiring a taxi since no public buses go to the village of Malana, which is 23 km away.

Old man in streets of Malana

The village of Malana is also recognized as one of the earliest democracies in the world. It is also widely popular among the drug mafia for its hash which is derived from the best quality Cannabis plant grown in the region and travels the world which is also the primary source of income for the Malanese (people of Malana).

The most unbelievable thing about this village of Taboos is that you are advisable to not touch the walls or goods of any of the Malanese people or you will have to pay a fine for it. ‘Kanashi’ is the local language of Malana village and does not seem like any of the idiom spoken in its neighboring communities and the language is also considered to be one of the mysteries of the village that refugees from other villages are not allowed to use.

The magnificent Heritage and Cultural tales 

Malana has a tale, and it goes back to Jamlu rishi (sage) who dwelled this place and enacted rules and regulations. It is appreciated as one of the oldest democracies in the world with a well-regulated parliamentary system. Moreover, it’s believed that all of this is guided by their Devta (deity) Jamlu rishi. Although Jamlu Devta is currently recognized as a sage from the Puranas, this is a relatively modern development, and Jamlu Devta is believed to have worshiped in pre-Aryan times.

Way to Malana

 Malana is supposed to be one of the first democracies in the world. As stated by tradition, the residents of Malana are the descendant of Aryans, and they gained their independence while the Mughal reign when Emperor Akbar walked to the village to cure a disease from which he was bothered. After having been successfully healed, he put out a declaration stating that all the residents of the valley would never be asked to pay tax. A dilemma tradition insinuates that Malana was established by remnants of Alexander’s the Great Army.

Malana cream

Malana cream has an ill-famed legacy in international stoner society. It had won the Best Hashish titled two times, in 1994 and 1996, at High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup. Marijuanaphiles had since made this region a charming weed tourist destination around the globe, marked in travel and ganja-hunting literature as the fascinating and alluring “Malana and the Magic Valley.” It was certain that the farmers would start to understand the global potential of their plants and that the cops would take any and all measures to prevent these rural agriculturalists from increasing production. The most efficient tool in authorities’ arsenal is satellite technology, but the farmers have found a workaround.

Malana Cream

Final Verdict:

Explore the true colors of adventure with this captivating Himalayan region ready to blow your mind up with incredibly adventurous yet delightful trips which will surely make memories for a lifetime.

 Things to do:

Trek to Chandrakhani Pass, Relish the charm of the scenic beauty of the Mystories and tranquilizing Himalayan valley.

Understand local culture and explore the roots of the incredible village.

 Best time to visit:

Any time throughout the year but winters are however freezing.

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