1. Round neck tee: This is a must and probably one of the most common types of tees that you will come across in a man’s closet. These are really comfortable and perfect for a casual meeting with friends. If you want to take your style quotient up by a notch then try out the graphic tees or the ones that come with quotes. Quote t shirts are always in and they never fail. Do make sure that you have at least 5-6 of them.

2. Polo neck tee: Another type of t shirt that men invariably look good in are polo neck t shirts. Printed polo neck t shirts are the rage these days. You can get a light coloured one with small prints for the summer months. But do make sure that you have at least one or two solid colours as well. These are semi-formal in nature and perfect when it comes to attending a game of golf in a Sunday afternoon or when heading out to brunch with your family. Team it up with sneakers to rock a sporty look that generally works well for everybody.

3. V neck tee: Though this is not exactly a classic favourite, this neck line works really well on well-built men. If you have a bulky bodyline and have a habit of working out, then this one will really work well for you. It is best to stick to solid colours when you look for v neck T shirts for Men.

4. Henley tees: If you want to keep it informal with a touch of formal then there is nothing better than Henley’s. These are basically polo necks minus any collars. They come with a few buttons in the front and work best with trousers. They blend with jeans as well but the ideal combination would be with a pair of trousers. When you buy a Henley, try to stick to nude shades like grey or pastel green.

5. Striped tees: This is another type of tee that never fails if you have a well-toned body. Go for stripped tees that come with three quarter sleeves since they balance the look very well. These tees are tailor made to be worn with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Have you got these tees in your wardrobe? If not it is time to start shopping from the styles that are missing to give your look the perfect edge that you wish!

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