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Let The Honeymoon Begin! Top 20 Lovable Places In India

Lovebird Tours, Travel

Marriage, a supernatural relation that binds not just two families or people, but further two souls with an endless bond for a lifetime! With the knot being tied, life only takes a new twist towards love, happiness, and romance.So here we are with Let The Honeymoon Begin! Top 20 Lovable Places In India to help you in the planning of your honeymoon.

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10 Most Expensive Big Motor Bikes In The World


Big bikes have always been a fantasy for most men, especially those who love the open road and drive as if there is no tomorrow. Huge two-wheelers adorning the city’s long open highway or busy concrete streets are a masculine sight, whether it’s a massive cruiser like a Harley Davidson or a super sports bike like the BMW F800ST.

Big bikes are expensive from the moment they roll out the assembly line, which means that few of them can own and service them. However, some of those massive two-wheeled beasts are reasonably priced and designed for those whose passion for big bikes is second to none and whose wallets are thick. Here are the 10 most expensive big bikes in the world.

Classical Forts and Palaces.
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Top 6 Classical Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is about 5000 years old and is streaked with a history of valor, bloodshed, conquests, and kinsman-ship is a fact well known. From Rajputs, Muslim rulers, to the Mughals, Rajasthan saw the advent and decimation of several dynasties of conquerors and rulers, but what indeed emerged from such a vast epoch of courage and betrayal is an old-world desert state stuck in time with its many rambling Classical Forts and Palaces.

10 Best Places You Need To Visit In India
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10 Best Places You Need To Visit In India

Travel, Unexplored India

Landscapes from a fairytale, muse lands for the story, sceneries from films sets, sunsets borrowed from a dream and lands amongst clouds. All these are here and very original. And they are even closer than yourself though. Explore 10 Best Places You Need To Visit In India.

10 Best Places You Need To Visit In India


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20 Superb Places To Visit In India This December


The winter is coming, and it is time for us to pack our bags and experience the cold. December is the month in which pleasant amalgamates with cold and creates a new fetus known as Whoopee! These impressive places in India in December can turn your regular tour into a discovery that you’ve been longing for since past. We have the 20 Superb Places To Visit In India This December to make winter an epic matter.

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