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I don’t know about you peeps, barring for me, something is exciting about a new year of adventures… the endless circumstances of where I sway end up, who I’ll meet along the way and what will come of different age globetrotting. Yesterday while having my evening tea I’ve put together a complete list of MOST BREATHTAKING PLACES TO VISIT IN EUROPE that will catch your breath apart Europe. These are the “bucket listing” cities and towns, the “formerly in a lifetime” experiences and for sure, they’re all honeymoon established. So here they are the usual breathtaking spots to attend in Europe!

upper mustang
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Top Trekking Package of Nepal

Trek Lover

Nepal is home to the absolute most staggering treks on the planet. While the great Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit treks have earned their notoriety for a reason, they’ve turned out to be very swarmed. Exceptional treks, for example, the Manaslu Circuit Trek and the Three Passes Trek, are currently viewed as better choices for those explorers who look for a definitive Himalayan affair.

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The Diwali Festival: How Where to Celebrate Diwali in India?

Special List, Travel

A star attraction on the stage of the Indian festival is Diwali – a joyful celebration which, speaking in general terms, celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The name of the festival is roughly into ‘row of lamps/lights, so Diwali is widely known as the Festival of Lights.

Everest trekking
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Nepal Trekking : Complete Guide to explore best of Himalayas

Travel, Trek Lover, Wanderlust

Nepal Trekking Overview

Nepal sits slap blast amidst the Himalayan range and is home to eight of the ten most noteworthy mountain tops on the planet, including Mount Everest (which imparts an outskirt to Tibet in the North also) and also Nepal trekking is considered best among treks in any other reasons!

Top 5 Spectacular cultural festivals to explore in Asia
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Top 5 Spectacular cultural festivals to explore in Asia

Special List, Travel

There are as many motives to visit a new destination as one may wish to imagine, from cultural monuments to exotic cuisines, adventure travels or photogenic landscapes and for travelers to Asia. The region offers many more wonders than one would ever be able to reveal.Besides, cultural festivals and celebrations are amongst them.

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Top 20 ancient mysteries and wonders in India

Activities, Inspiration, Special List, Travel, Unexplored India

You would have often heard people saying ‘It happens only in India” and India is a land of ancient mysteries and wonders. Well, furthermore we have finally got an answer for you! India indeed has zillions of secrets buried deep in its most bizarre of places. These places will surely either leave people wide-eyed with shock or freak them out when they see them.

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