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Paris, popularly known as the City of Love, offers the perfect escape to lovers who want to celebrate their love in the most dramatic way possible. It is time to get seduced by the scenic riverfronts, elaborate gardens, and a lot more attractions awaiting in Paris. Today’s blog is dedicated to all the lovers who want to a grand gesture on Valentine’s Day in Paris.

Regardless of the fact that you have been together for 40 years or few months, nothing can rekindle the romantic flame as good as Paris. With intimate restaurants, an ear-pleasing dialect, and idyllic cobbled streets, the City of Love is just what you need this spring season. You either fall in love for the first time or choose to fall all over again when you pick any of these grand romantic gestures in Paris.

A View from the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the whole world. If you want to surprise your beloved, there is no better way than taking him/her on the top of the Eiffel Tower to fabulously end a perfect day. It offers a great view from the top and is ideal to visit early in the morning or during sunset. There can be a long line which can be a buzzkill, but you always pay extra to skip the line. You can talk to your travel company in Gurgaon to avail this option.

Relish an Enchanting Cabaret

Cabarets have a long history in Paris, and it is something that tourists mustn’t miss out during their visit. The quintessential cabaret experience is just what you need to have a good time with your partner during the love season. Nothing can go wrong in a night when you get to accompany lively dancers and a live orchestra. You will have plenty of options in Paris for cabaret. Try out the Lido de Paris or Moulin Rouge for an extensive and glamorous experience. If you are looking for something more intimate and small, try out the Au Lapin Agile.

Picnic at a Park

Paris is filled with options in beautiful parks and gourmet food market, which makes up for a nice old-fashion picnic. Try out the Marche Saxe-Breteuil or the Pont de l’Alma Market to pick up your picnic essentials. You will find the finest and the freshest gourmet goods here. Pick your favorite ones and to the beautiful parks in the city, like the Luxembourg Gardens, for an intimate experience with your loved one.

Experience the Sunset Cruise

When you combine romance and sightseeing, you get the sunset cruise. Take one by the River Seine, and you will get to see the beautiful sights in the core of the French Capital. Experience the transformation of Paris into a heavenly City of Light while the sun sets below the horizon. Do not forget to take as many photos as you can. If you want to add a romantic element, book a fine dining experience with some wine or champagne on the sunset cruise.

There are countless romantic things you can do in Paris. Make sure that you try at least a few of them during your visit with your better half.

I am an keen reader and my fervor is to read and write articles. I am writing more and more articles and blogs for lifestyle,shopping and travel tips.
I am an keen reader and my fervor is to read and write articles. I am writing more and more articles and blogs for lifestyle,shopping and travel tips.