It is the science of direction that connects all the five elements of nature and balances them with people and materials. It is all about the intercommunication of various forms of the beneficial effect on a living person. It aims to create a subtle conducive atmosphere in a structure in which we can bring the best in ourselves, thereby covering the way for enhanced health, wealth, success and optimism in an enlightened environment. Like any new science, vaastu is universal, rational, practical and useful. It is not a religion but a science.

How amazing is it?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Hindu method of architecture, has been used in India for centenaries. It conducts guidelines for layout, design, ground preparation and other features that go into creating a suitable home. While the method doesn’t have rigid rules for construction or design, it describes the best possible layouts and suspensions for bringing maximum success and exorbitance to the owner of the building.
Vastu Shastra is one of the many famous sciences that have come to us from the Vedas or the information books of India. Silpa Shastra, or Vastu Shastra as it is differently called is said to be a Upa Veda or a minor Veda. Niranjan Babu Vastu and Astrology Consultation and SolutionsAlso known as Sthapatya Veda or Sthapatya Shastra, it is the applied knowledge of the Atharva Veda just as Ayurveda is attached to Rigveda, Dhanurveda to Yajurveda and Gandharvaveda to Samaveda.

More Vastu Tips for Business: Where to Build What?

Owner’s room – Southwest
Entrance door – East or North direction
Marketing department – Northwest
Accounts department – Southeast
Cashier’s Office – North direction
Staff – Northwest
Guard room – Northwest
Conference room – Northwest
Temple in office – Northeast
Pantry – Southeast
Locker – Southwest and open facing North
Open and clean area – Northeast
Reception – Northeast receptionist sit facing either East or North direction
Heavyweight objects or machinery – Southwest
Toilets – Northeast and Southwest
Open and clean area – Northeast
Labourer’s house – Northwest
Water tank – Southwest or West direction
Staircase – South, West and Southwest locations

The basic five elements of Vastu Shastra, that are actually making the important difference in your life.

1) Earth      2) Water    3) Fire    4) Air    5) Space

According to the traditional knowledge, the entire universe around us is made up of these five basic elements. In fact, the five elements of nature have to be correlated with the five elements of the human body as well. This coordination is crucial as this is what makes human relationship suitable. Understanding of the elements can make it advantageous for people.
The elements can define the particular way directions associated with distinct objects or certain kinds of individuals. It would be bad for a fire sign to set up an office in the corner that expresses the water corner. These tiny details of Vastu are not solely based on the directions and the elements of nature, but a little on the personality of the resident, or at least the element that the person was born into. Read more on the Value and Advantages of Vastu Shastra.

When constructing a house, making sure that everything is in the right corner is of utmost importance, and this is why it is essential for people to know all about this.

Here are the some directions in Vastu Shastra and their specific characteristics: –


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East: East stands for sunrise or new beginnings. It is very beneficial for people who are trying to end something wrong and getting started with something new. It is the way of prosperity. Some of the things in the residence that can be in the eastern part of the home or face the eastern direction:
The entries to the house, living room, library/study room and the place of worship should face the east.
Treasure boxes, lockers, etc. should open towards the east to better prosperity.
Remember one thing that no kitchen/toilet should be in the east.
East direction should not be in a more elevated range than the west, south west and the North West directions.

West: West, is probably the most deserving direction. Out of all the Vastu directions, this is the one that has more guidance for ‘don’ts’ than ‘dos’. People who live in the western part of the house or have entries opening to the west direction do not lead a happy life or a wealthy one. The direction of the west is the direction for women; however, even then the success of the woman will not be perfect or really big. The west is the direction where the sun sets, which means that this direction is not remarkably good for beginnings. There are the things that one needs to be aware of about the western direction:
It is useful to have a staircase or a tank in the west than anything else.
One could consider having an office here, as the second choice of offices, especially within the house.
Put the garbage boxes or establish the garage in the western direction of the house.


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North: North is the place that is suitable for the business people who are enthusiastic in applying some Vastu in their lives. The planet that controls over this region is mercury, which makes it propitious for people to have offices in this direction. In fact, it has been seen that the UV rays projected by the sun have the least adverse effect in the northern parts, so having any open place in the northern area would be a great move.
If you have the office in the north part of the house or the building, then you must lead for maximum success.
Keep construction in the north to the minimum, so as to maintain the performance at highest. Remind the one thing that you don’t have any toilets or garbage boxes in the north.
Do not put any staircases in the north, for it can increase financial loss in one’s life.
Also, remind that don’t keep the kitchen in the northern part of the house either.

South: The south is quite a contradictory direction. There is some fear among those who follow Vastu Shastra about this direction. This is because of the point that there are mixed feelings about whether this direction works for people or not. Say, if one builds a home with a south facing the entrance, they might be successful for the first few years, but after that, the money will begin to decay and ultimately start limiting. Hence, it is better to practice the south direction in cycles, to keep all the bad luck far away.
Try maintaining a tank or an aloft tank in the southern part.
You can use this for the staircase to the house in the southern part.
And do not put a basement in the south direction.

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North-East: North-east is the direction of God. It is the most favorable one and it is known to promote positive aspects in men and women. When taking care of the northern corner or side of the structure, recognize the following details to make use of Vastu:
Open areas in the north-eastern direction is a great idea. Having an incline/slope in the north-eastern section would be a smart step. Try having a street outside the entrance, particularly if the door is in the north-east.

North-West: The north-west is the area that controls interpersonal relationships. The kind of relationships people have with the other members of the family certainly depends on the same. Here are some things that you would absolutely have to keep in mind:
There should be no undercover water tank in the north- west part of the house.
The kitchen, dining room and the master bedroom should surely not be in this direction.

South-East: South-east is the place of the logical and reasoning person. Here are fascinating important things you need to know about this course:
It is very advantageous to have the kitchen in this direction.
Any electrical instruments, like TVs, batteries, motors, inverters, home theatre, etc. should be placed on the south- eastern side of the room.
Remind that you should not have a toilet or a tank in this direction.

South-West: Final but effective is the direction of the demons, the opposite of north-east. As a result of this, it can command the business field and the decisions made in that field. Here are some essential things for you to keep in mind:
Rent out the place in the south-west part of your house.
Also, remind that you should not have any overhead tanks or basements in the south west for it promotes division.

The effect of the Vastu is permanent because the Earth has been revolving round the Sun, in geo-stationary orbit for over 400 crores years creating the magnetic effect caused by the rotation. When properly adapted to the modern changed conditions of business living, occult remedies can indeed contribute strength to your inherent business acumen and help you climb the business ladder with ease.

So always consider these points while making any directional change on your life; Try it! it will give you better results.

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Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Follow Your Dreams
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