List of the Valentine’s Week provides you with a golden likelihood to point out your love for your favored ones.

So, here is that the weekly list of valentine’s days, 2018

-Starting with a ROSE

-Sharing a FEELING

-Together being a CHOCOLATE

-Gift a cute TEDDY

-PROMISING for being true forever

-HUGGING to keep a warm attachment

-KISSING to make love more strong

-And being a cheerful try on this VALENTINES DAY.

Here is the weekly list of Valentine’s Days:

1) Rose Day

Rose day

Sweeter than the candies lovelier than the red roses a lot of huggable than soft toys that’s what you’re here’s wish you a Rose Day that’s as distinctive as you’re you recognize. What Rose means that It conjointly implies that R- Rare O- Ones S- Supporting E- Entire Life Happy Rose Day 2018.

2) Promise Day

Promise day

Promise Day, rekindle your love with more dedication and zeal. It’s true that with passing time we have just been getting busy with no time in hand, yet take out few minutes today and let your dear ones know what they mean to you and promise to be there always.

3) Propose Day

Propose Day

On the Propose Day, you’ll be able to propose to the girl/boy that you just have a crush on. This can be a favorite day to announce love, propose wedding to your partner and provides gifts like cards or flowers. If you’re watching for the ages to specific your love towards that pretty woman in your school, joining or perhaps a glamorous lady in your workplace on whom you’ve got the crush for quite a long-standing and ne’er had the center to mention, this can be the proper day to specific your feelings.

4) Chocolate Day



Woo your girlfriend or wife/partner with swiss chocolate with a stunning card. A warm chocolate dessert is a surefire way to please your woman, and it also can increase her Sexual Impulse. Its sweetness will surely enhance the charm in your relation.

5) Teddy Day

Teddy Day

Time for you to send a teddy that ‘bears’ your like to your wife/partner, friends, and favored ones. Ladies sort of a plaything pretty much, and that they invariably keep them in their bedroom with good memories. So, Don’t forget to tickle your partner with a soft toy

6) Hug Day

Hug Day

Hug your partner or friend tightly. Hugs are an essential expression of affection. Just take it slow and steady and show your partner that you love, care and support him/her.

7) Kiss Day

Kiss Day

Kiss day is one of the most popular days of the Valentine Week (predictably), on Kiss Day lovers gets a golden opportunity to express their love with a sweet gesture. Try the delicate expression of love on this Kiss Day and turn it into a romantic and memorable day.

Valentine’s Day Gift ideas:

Jewelry Valentine’s Day Gifts

You can get a wide range of jewelry for Valentine’s Day from Acchajee Shopping. There are perfect gifts for all price points. You can buy the high end or cheap at either one of these stores.

Clothing Gift concepts 

You can shop at Acchajee Shopping for clothing for your sweetheart. Shoes, coats, scarfs, mittens, heaps of options that show you care. Just make sure you know your sweetheart’s style before you jump on this Valentine’s Day 2018 gift idea.

Purses and purses for Valentine’s Day

This is a big upward trending gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to spend much on a new purse. Just get something you know your sweetheart will love. You can shop at Acchajee Shopping for handbags, Acchajee will have more high-end options at high prices.

Weekend Getaway for Valentine’s Day

You won’t be able to book a vacation at Acchajee Travel, but it is still a good idea if you can afford it. Valentine’s Day in 2018 on February 14th you can just make a long weekend of it.

Think back to what your sweetheart has been talking about wanting or needing or think about something that they would love, but you have never gotten them. That is the best way to approach getting Valentine’s Day Gifts in 2018. Surprise your partner with these unique, friendly gift ideas and make this Valentine’s Day memorable for both of you.


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